medical billing and accounts receivable management services


our services

PRN provides the services below regardless of the current level of technology within your practice. Our existing clients range from those without an EMR, those that are looking for a first step toward complete automation with an EMR and those that are using an EMR they are pleased with but are dissatisfied with the Medical Billing/Accounts Receivable component of the EMR or the billing processes within the practice. 

Medical Billing

  • Claims are transmitted both electronically and immediately through a in-house state of the art claims editing and transmission process.
  • Payment posting from insurance companies and patients.

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Audit of all claims filed with insurance companies.
  • Follow-up on all unpaid insurance claims including any appeal process necessary for reimbursement.
  • Patient billing.
  • Concise and easy to interpret end of month reports.

Additional Services

  • Yearly review and update of provider fees to maximize reimbursement.
  • Custom Reporting Services
  • Integration Services